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Why Use a Mortgage Professional

2022-03-01 | 05:51:59 Why Use a Mortgage Professional There are generally two ways to get a mortgage in Canada: From a bank, or from a licensed mortgage professional.While a bank only offers the products from their particular institution, licensed mortgage professionals...
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2022-03-01 | 05:51:59

Paying off your Mortgage Faster

2022-02-28 | 13:51:18 Tips for Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster Mortgages in Canada are generally amortized between 25 and 30 year terms. While this seems a long time, it does not have to take anyone that long to pay off their mortgage if they choose to do so in a shorter...
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2022-02-28 | 13:51:18

Refinancing to Pay off Debt

2022-02-25 | 13:01:56 Have you considered refinancing to pay off debt? With the high cost of holiday gift-buying and entertaining now behind you, this may be the perfect time to get the New Year off to a fresh start by refinancing your mortgage and freeing up some money...
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2022-02-25 | 13:01:56

Fixed Rates VS Variable Rates

2022-02-23 | 14:32:49 Fixed Rate or Variable Rate The decision to choose a fixed or variable rate is not always an easy one. It should depend on your tolerance for risk as well as your ability to withstand increases in mortgage payments. You can sometimes expect a...
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2022-02-23 | 14:32:49

Understanding your Credit Report

2022-02-14 | 14:18:47 Understanding Your Credit Report As credit has become more and more abundant in our society, your credit report, and thus your credit rating, has become more important in your daily life. Your credit rating affects all aspects of your financial...
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2022-02-14 | 14:18:47

10 Most Common Mortgage Questions

2022-02-11 | 13:49:41 Brad Donnelly Mortgage Financing - 10 Most Common Mortgage Questions1. What’s the best rate I can get?• Your credit score plays a big part in the interest rate for which you will qualify, as the riskier you appear as a borrower, the higher your...
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2022-02-11 | 13:49:41